moving image seminar series for BA Fine Art

daytime sleepers
we will sleepwalk towards film work by exploring a set of poetic propositions. we’ll enter the session with anne carson's essay: 'every exit is an entrance' and we will continue to explore it by looking at film and footage through which we currently experience politics, bodies, intimacy, rest and agency in the world dissolved in liquid crystal and dopamine anomalies.

impossible memory
the spiral of time in chris marker's ‘sans soleil’ and  john akomfrah's ‘the last angel of history’. 

documentally & parafictions
moving image, archive, and political collecting.
we will see and discuss artists who confront geopolitical conflicts by throwing documentary conventions into crisis. the resulting documentary-fictions of diasporic identities interweave the factual and the imaginary. we will be reading the work of the atlas group, the yes men and black audio film collective in parallel.

cut as command
found footage and sampling.
using jenn nkiru's 2019 film 'black to techno' as a springboard for thinking about 'cosmic archeology' in film and music.


hosted by chelsea college of arts, UAL


A trailer of a poetic encryption of the
concept of proxy.
Proxy as the agent of cybernetic anarchy
and a deep dive into the notion of
bypass and the body.
Looking at the act of acting through substitution and
phishing for proxy as a fictioning device. .